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How to take 360 Photos in Mobiles using Google Street View? A Step By Step Guide.
How to take 360 Photos in Mobiles using Google Street View? A Step By Step Guide.

How to take 360 Photos in Mobiles using Google Street View? A Step By Step Guide.

Taking 360 Photos in a mobile is as easy than it sounds. Before Starting, let me tell you that gyroscope sensor is required for taking 360 photos in mobiles. Lets get started to learn how to take 360 Photos in Mobiles.

Step 1 – Download and install Street View Application from Play Store for Androids or Apple Store for Iphones.

Step 2 – Open the Street View Application, on the bottom right, you can see the Camera icon. Click on it, it will show you three options, the first option is for taking 360 photos directly from 360 camera. the second option is for importing the available 360 photos to Street View from your mobile and the third option is for taking 360 photos from your mobile using Street View Application. Click on the third option.

Step 3 – You may see a guide for the first time saying Create Street View with  your phone. Click the Open Camera button at the bottom.

Step 4 – One thing to keep in mind before proceeding is that, decide the place from where you are taking 360 photo since you have take 32 photo for creating single 360 photos, do not move from that place and hold your phone still. Now, Point the camera to the orange circle, it will turn to white and capture that part, move the camera to left or right and like wise, take all the photos.  It will be 12 photos – straight angle, 8 photos below, 8 photos above, 2 photos extreme below and 2 photos extreme above.

Step 5 – Click the bottom center tick button to complete taking a 360 photo. Street View will stitch these photos and create a 360 photo. Do not click the tick button without taking photos from all angle as told above since your 360 photo may become incomplete as it will start stitching the photos. You can use Undo button on the bottom left corner while taking photos to take a photo of an angle again. You can also see Close button on the bottom right corner in order to take 360 photo once again by discarding the current photo.

Now you can see the 360 photo which you took under the Private tab in the Street View Application. It means it will be viewed only by you. If you want to share the photo in Street View, you can publish it.

I hope you get an idea on taking 360 photos in Mobiles. Thanks for reading. Let me know your comments.

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